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Contact Lenses

Your guide to contact lens care

Wash your hands
Always wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly with a lint free towel before touching the lenses.

Remove lenses from packaging
Carefully remove the lens from the packet. Use fingertips to handle the lenses, never use fingernails.

Which way round?
There is an easy test to make sure that your lenses are the right way round and not inside out.
Placing your lens in the fold of your hand, the lens should roll together like a taco shell, this is the correct way round (looks like a small ‘bowl’). If the lens is inside out the edges will curl or roll apart.

Putting your lenses in
1. Hold the lens on your fingertip and check that it is the right way round.
2. Place the lens on the tip of your forefinger, then with the middle finger of the same hand, hold down the lower lid.
3. Use the forefinger of your other hand to lift the upper lid as close to the eyelashes as possible, look into a mirror and
4. Gently place the lens on the eye.
5. Look down, gently release the upper lid and blink.

Centering the lens
After applying the lens keep the eye closed. The lens should feel comfortable within a few seconds. Occasionally, a lens may become displaced from the middle to the white part of the eye. To centre the lens:
• close your eyes and gently massage the lens into place.
• remove the lens and refer to ‘Putting your lenses in’.

Taking your lenses out
You need to be relatively firm during removal of the lens as it is now acting as another layer on your eye.
1. Look into a mirror, drop your chin so you can see the bottom of the coloured part of your eye
2. Starting with your thumb and index finger nice and wide, touching the the lens,
3. Draw them together, this will crease the lens and it will come away from your eye in your fingers.

Ensure your hands are clean and dry.
When inserting/removing your lenses; if you are not successful after 4 attempts have a ten minute break and try again. This will help to prevent your eyes becoming sore and you becoming frustrated.

When to remove your lenses
• If the lenses feel uncomfortable, remove them. If the discomfort persists after lens removal contact your eye care professional IMMEDIATELY.
• Always remove lenses if you are feeling unwell, eg. cold or flu.
• Always remove lenses before swimming unless you are wearing goggles.

Remember: ‘if in doubt... take them out’.

Your eyes should be:
seeing CLEARLY
looking WHITE

Do’s and dont’s of lens wear

• wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
• clean case daily with solution.
• change case monthly.
• use fresh solution to store each day
• rub the lens to clean.
• check the expiry date on the solution.
• wear your lenses as your eye care professional recommends and always contact them immediately if your eyes are uncomfortable.
• put lenses in before applying make-up and remove them before taking your make-up off.
• always check before using any medication, as some can cause irritation or blurred vision.

• use tap or bottled water with your lenses.
• over-wear your contact lenses.
• swim without goggles.
• wear lenses for longer than the wearing schedule prescribed, even if the lenses still feel comfortable.
• sleep in lenses unless approved for overnight wear.
• wear if eyes are uncomfortable or lenses are damaged.
• re-use solution.
• wear your lenses under a sunbed.
• spray aerosols (eg. hairspray) near eyes.

After-care and next appointment
Following these simple steps will ensure you get the best out of your lenses.
It is, however, important to have regular contact lens aftercares with your eye care professional.
It is a good opportunity to check the lens performance, in terms of vision and comfort.
Your eyes will be checked to ensure they remain healthy during lens wear. You will also be advised of any developments in lens technology.

To care for your contact lenses

• Always wash hands thoroughly.
• Remove lens from case, place in palm of hand, and apply a few drops of solution to the lens. Rub the lens gently for ten seconds on each side.
• Rinse the lens with fresh solution.
• Place lens in eye.
• Pour solution away, rinse case and cap with fresh solution.
• Leave case with the caps off to air dry.

• Always wash hands thoroughly.
• Fill clean lens case with fresh solution.
• Remove lens from eye, place in palm of hand, and apply a few drops of solution to the lens. Rub the lens gently for ten seconds on each side.
• Rinse the lens with fresh solution.
• Place lens in appropriate compartment of the lens case.
• Be sure that the lens is completely immersed in fresh solution.
• To disinfect your lenses, store them in the case for at least four hours, or overnight.
• Please see ‘Do’s and dont’s of lens care’ for healthy contact lens care.

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